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How to market an App?

Android marketing is a complex process and can be confusing at first. To understand how it works we have to separate two sources from which you can get traffic on the app market. The first one is categories of catalogs. Second is a search traffic. There are also lots of other small traffic sources like external links, similar apps, ads etc. but we are talking about basic traffic. In order to get it we can use paid or free promotion methods. Promote android app free is to work towards attracting more views to your Google Play page like app reviews, posts on forums, articles etc., description, name and translation optimisation, increase of conversion from app’s page views into installs. If your app is of good quality, people are interested in it and you are ready to work hard every day, you will be able to get into catalogs like “best free apps” and search tops. But unfortunately the reality is that the market is huge, competition is very high and there’s always a lack of time. So how to market an app in such conditions? We have to find a better way of android app promotion that will help us to reach top positions of google play store ranking faster.

Android Pay Promotion.

How to promote an app effectively and get desirable results without losses? The main goal here is to constantly attract new users and make the app popular. Sites like Facebook, YouTube, Google’s Adwords on Google Play Market can help a lot in marketing apps for android. Buying ads for your app that will appear on their platforms will get you some attention and traffic. Sounds good but such ads are pretty expensive. And the main thing that is not to forget is when the ad campaign is over, the downloads will stop coming in. If we decide to invest in our android pay promotion we need a more permanent result. How can we promote our apps then? To help us with that there are also other app promotion services. As we know most of the traffic on the market goes from search requests. The more popular keyword by which users search apps of particular niche is the more organic traffic this app gets once in top positions. Therefore to get to the tops we need to boost our ranks by the keywords we need. To achieve that we can turn to a professional ASO company and buy a needed amount of installs to increase the rank. With smart ASO conducted, once the app is in the top positions and starts getting sufficient organic traffic it will stay there for moths fully paying off. This method proved to be the most effective in android app marketing.

Google Play Keywords.

How to promote android app with keywords in a right and efficient way? How to be sure that when we promote android game with app keywords it will lead to rank increase? To research and choose the right keywords specifically for your app you can use an app store keyword tool. Google Play keywords can be tricky, they all have different popularity and relevance. There are hundreds of app store keywords there. And that’s why it’s necessary to do app store keyword optimization. Using such tool properly and most importantly regularly on your own or with a help of experienced ASO expert you will always be in control of your app promotion. Once the app keywords are chosen they have to be in the app description and app name otherwise you won’t be ranked for them. But what if you want to promote android app for the Google Play keywords it’s not ranked for. There are lots of other less competitive app keywords that include your main keyword that are much easier to get ranked for. Promoting such app store keywords will soon lead you to more possibilities with other popular, relevant words and high rankings!